Description Price
Squibb Shaving Cream     (Lion Feature) $9.00
Tester's Coffee    (Lion Feature) $12.00
Dickinson Insurance    (Lion Feature) $15.00
Gold Strand Wickwire Spencer Corp. New York NY $3.00
Old Cook with a frying pan        (Lion Feature) $9.00
Eight O'Clock Coffee an  A & P Coffee $5.00
Drink Coca - Cola $7.00
Marlin Double Edge Blades Inside Cover Marlin Shave Cream $5.00
Topps Gum  1c $8.00
Alka-Seltzer Quick Relief $5.00
Alka-Seltzer    Season's Greetings          (w\Matches) $7.00
Alka-Seltzer Seasons Greetings      (No Matches) $3.00
Butter Finger Curtiss Candies 5c $6.00
Eddy Quality Matches Eddys Silent Match $4.00
Old Nick America's Favorite Candy Bar       (Full Length) $6.00
Stetson Hats Stetson Store Phila. PA  (Lion/Feature) $11.00
Gold Steel Gold Tone Blades (Razor Blades) $5.00
White's Cough Syrup $4.00
Stop This Killing Give Children the Right of Way   PEP BOYS $4.50
Edison Mazda Lamps Continental Div Gen. Elect. Co. Phila. PA $2.00
Closhave (Men)  Handcreme  (Women) Print on inside (Long Pack) $8.00
French Lick Salts French Lick Springs Hotel French Lick Indiana $2.00
(Lew Fendler's Restaurant Phila. PA on Front) (Mammy's Delicious Waffles AtlanticCity NJ  on Back) $10.00
Pittsburgh Paints Geo S Snyder Hatfield PA $4.00
Rajah Salad Dressing $6.00
Doublemint Chewing Gum $4.00
National Mazda Lamps Gould Electric Co. Presque Isle Maine $3.00
Baby Ruth 5c  (Lion Feature)     (Full Length) $18.00
Wrigley's Spearmint Chewing Gum      (Full Length) $7.00
National Mazda Lamps Wilson C Moyer Hatfield PA $3.00
Ingersoll Aero Wrist Watch $3.00
Rem for Coughs Due to Colds $3.00
White House Milk A & P Food stores $6.50
Jolly Jack Curtiss Candies    (Full Length) $7.00
Blue Coal  Girard Miller  (Large Pack) $4.00
EFM Electric Furnace Man Geo S Snyder Hatfield PA $3.00
Coolerator Lansdale Ice and Storage Co. $6.00
Audubon Park New Orleans $3.00
Edw. A. Carroll Co. Cemetery Memorials Bala-Cynwyd PA (Lion/Feature) $13.00
E. S. Krauss   Plumbing and Heating    East Greenville PA $3.00
Souderton Furniture Mart  Souderton PA $3.00
Clean Bros  D & H Cone Cleaned Anthracite   Phila. PA $3.00
White Hut   Brooklyn NY $3.00
Lion Match Co. Phila Pa  (Lion/Feature) $13.00
H. I. Jaffe Furniture Co.  Suffolk VA      (Full Length) $5.00
Trenton by Lion Match Co.  (Lion Match Co. Phila Pa)  (Lion/Feature) $12.00
Dwyer Hat Co.   Phila. PA $3.00
Shelly & Fenstermacher Lumber Hardware Fuel   Perkasie PA $3.00
Isaac C. Detweiler Fruits and Vegetables   Hatfield PA $3.00
VARS Drug Stores  (Lion Match Co. Phila Pa  (Lion/Feature Cigar)   (Full Length) $9.75
William W. Althouse  GE Mazad Lamps   Perkasie PA $3.00
Acme Coal and Wood Co.   Phila. PA          (Full Length) $5.00
Stanley G. Flagg and Co. Inc.  Phila. PA    Works Stowe PA $3.00
Mason's Beauty Shoppe  Lansdale PA $3.00
H.M. Royal Inc.  Oils - Colors - Chemicals   Trenton PA $3.00
Chester Steel Casing Line Pipe (Lion/Feature) Chester PA $3.00
M and E Refrigeration Accessories Co.  Phila. PA $3.00
Wm. A. Gum  Auto Insurance     Line Lexington PA $3.00
Jacob B. Kulp  Farm Burau Insurance    Elroy PA $2.50
Wm. A. Gum  Auto Insurance  (Double Face on Back)  Line Lexington PA $3.00
General Match Co.   Sales Sample    Cincinnati Ohio $5.00
Norristown Penn Trust Co.     Norristown PA $4.00
George S Snyder Hatfield PA $5.00
Lansdale Ice and Storage Lansdale Pa $5.00


Revised 12/30/13