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This energy saving (uses no gasoline or electricity) patented herbicide applicator enables you to do hundreds of weed control jobs easier...faster!

The Meter Miser Sprayer Model 78 pushes or pulls easier than a lawn mower. There are no hoses to drag: no calibrations to determine.

This new unit is designed to eliminate most of the problems associated with conventional equipment.  With the economy of liquid herbicide formulations, with pin point accuracy and the drift free application characteristic of the Meter-Miser Sprayer, you have everything you need for a spray job...except water.

The Meter Miser Sprayer holds 5 gallons of water and covers 5,000 sq. ft. of area at normal walking speed.

Check these outstanding features:

  • Plastic see-through tank provides a clear view of the liquid level.

  • Sprays standard 36-in. swath.

  • New unitized under frame for easier servicing.

  • New tank support system with reinforced mounting brackets for strain relief.

  • Wheel mounts heavily reinforced for extra long life and reliable service.

  • Compact, lightweight only 30 lbs.

The Meter-Miser Sprayer Model 78 does hundreds of weed control jobs easier..faster.

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Meter Miser Sprayer Model 78






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