Party Records

Artist Title Flip Side Label Size Condition Order No Price
Billy Bedammed Bags to Bitches Never Again Trash 45 Good 001P $15.00
Billy Bedammed Cindy Do they Hang To Low Lusty 45 Very Good 002P $15.00
Buchanan & Goodman Flying Saucer the 3rd The Cha Cha Lesson Comic 45 Good 030P $15.00
Jim and Bill The Woodpecker Puss on You Quarter Cash 45 Very Good 003P $15.00
Jeb & Cousin Easy The Pool Game The Pool Game Par 7 45 Very Good 004P $15.00
Jeb & Cousin Easy The Golf Game Emag Flog EHT Par 7 45 Very Good 005P $15.00
Jeb & Cousin Easy The Bull Fighter Rethgif Llub EHT Par 7 45 Very Good 006P $15.00
Cliff Ferre Joe's Joint Hawaiian Tale KEM 45 Very Good 007P $15.00
Cliff Ferre Favorite Indoor Sport Rosie Don't Bang on the Piano KEM 45 Very Good 008P $15.00
Cliff Ferre The Greatest Broad-Jumper Ain't it a Beauty KEM 45 Very Good 009P $15.00
Four on the Floor Out Behind the Barn I - YI - YI - YI Trash 45 Very Good 010P $15.00
Horase & Mabel Fishing Trip Repairs Trash 45 Very Good 011P $15.00
Mail Man Meat Man Cleveland 45 Very Good 012P $17.00
The Newlyweds The Baseball Game The Baseball Game Par-ty 45 Very Good 013P $16.00
Jack Ripley Letter From Home Page1 Letter From Home Page1 Trash 45 Very Good 014P $15.00
Jack Ripley Songs that John Wouldn't do so I Did  (Part I) Songs that John Wouldn't do so I Did  (Part II) Trash 45 Very Good 016P $15.00
Sam Sneek Itty Bitty Girl (Part I) Itty Bitty Girl (Part II) Fun-ny 45 Very Good 020P $15.00
Sam Sneek Two Old Maids (Part I) Two Old Maids (Part II) Fun-ny 45 Very Good 021P $15.00
Prof Schnitzel PA Dutch Humor Side 1 PA Dutch Humor Side 2 Fun-ny 45 Very Good   $15.00
The Dirty Old Man The Race (Part I) The Race (Part II) Trash 45 Very Good 022P $15.00
Boliver Shagnasty Yo - Yo Tapping That Thing Quatercash 45 Very Good 023P $15.00
Jed & Cousin Szeeze The Bridge Game The Bridge Game Par-ty 45 Very Good 024P $15.00
Sweet Sue Sileant George Marage Connseler Trash 45 Very Good 025P $15.00
Ruth Wallis The Hawaiian Lei Song The Vacation Song Wallis 45 Very Good 027P $15.00
Rusty Warren Knockers Up Bounce Your Boobies Jubille 45 Very Good 028P $15.00
Rusty Warren Rool me Over Do it Now Jubille 45 Very Good 029P $15.00


Revised 03/27/11